Patient Feedback:
How To Get More Reviews for Your Dental Practice

Increasing your dental practice’s patient reviews doesn’t have to be an enigma. If you’re searching for efficient ways how to get more reviews for your dental practice, this guide cuts straight to the chase. We’ll provide you with tried-and-true approaches to encourage your patients to leave positive reviews, fortifying your reputation and boosting your online presence.

Key Takeaways

  • Online reviews are critical for dental practices, with 94% of patients using them to choose a provider. Positive reviews can enhance your practice’s visibility and reputation by influencing Google’s local SEO rankings.
  • Tactics to encourage patient reviews include personalizing requests, utilizing multiple communication channels, and providing post-appointment support to improve the likelihood of receiving positive feedback.
  • Investing in staff training, efficient appointment scheduling, and focusing on patient comfort are key strategies to enhance patient experiences and satisfaction, leading to more positive reviews.
Dental practice with positive online reviews

The Impact of Online Reviews on Dental Practices

A staggering 94% of patients use online reviews to evaluate dental providers, making them a vital first step in their search for a new dentist. These reviews for your dental practice provide valuable information reflecting the practice’s values, professionalism, and quality of services, which are crucial for acquiring new patients. Not only do they serve as social proof, reassuring potential customers about the positive experiences other patients have had with your dental practice, but they also provide insight into your practice’s approach to care and range of services.

Interestingly, Google considers a range of positive reviews as evidence of a business’s expertise, authority, and trust, enhancing the practices’s visibility in search results. Google reviews are a key ranking factor for local SEO, often propelling a dental practice into the top three results in Google’s local pack, increasing the likelihood of patient acquisition. To further improve your dental practice’s online presence, it’s crucial to focus on getting more Google reviews.

Moreover, online reviews posted on your practice’s website and review sites provide a centralized location for prospective patients to access numerous patient testimonials, influencing their decision-making process.

Strategies to Encourage Patient Reviews

The strategic encouragement of patient reviews can greatly boost your dental practice’s online image, especially on your dental website. Ease of access, personalized requests, and multiple communication channels can elevate the chances of generating positive reviews.

Allow us to dissect these tactics.

Personalize Review Requests

Personalized review requests can significantly improve the likelihood of patients leaving a review. Creating a sense of personal connection and acknowledging a patient’s unique experience can make them feel valued and appreciated. For instance, addressing patients by name in review requests.

Encouraging patient reviews for dental practice

Utilize Multiple Channels for Review Requests

The digital age has provided us with a plethora of communication channels, and dental practices can leverage these to increase the response rate for reviews. Employing various channels like website pages dedicated to reviews, social media sharing, and emails can make the process more visible and accessible to a wider patient audience. Furthermore, emails and text messages are convenient means for sending personalized review requests, and including a Google review link can make the process straightforward for patients.

Text messages, in particular, have proven effective owing to their high open rates. Personalized texts including a link to leave a review can significantly increase the chances of patients leaving feedback. To optimize review responses, it’s recommended to choose channels where your patients are most engaged. This can lead to more engaged and responsive feedback.

Offer Post-Appointment Support

Post-appointment follow-ups can serve a dual purpose: they not only offer additional support to patients but also increase the chances of receiving timely and positive feedback. These follow-ups can provide referable instructions or information, contributing to a more positive patient experience and possibly motivating patients to leave reviews. For instance, follow-up emails that include a review request can reassure patients about their well-being after their visit, bolstering the practice’s dedication to patient care.

Furthermore, addressing issues brought up in patient satisfaction surveys with appropriate solutions and support can lead to positive reviews once the issues are satisfactorily resolved. The perception of care and attention fostered by providing post-appointment support encourages patients to leave positive feedback. Moreover, direct feedback collected through post-appointment surveys gives patients an opportunity to reflect and provide candid feedback, which can be used as an avenue to ask for a public review when positive.

Enhancing patient experience at dental practice

Creating a Positive Patient Experience

The foundation of any thriving dental practice lies in positive patient experiences. By focusing on:

  • patient-centered care
  • investing in staff training
  • implementing efficient appointment scheduling
  • ensuring patient comfort

you can lead your patients to higher satisfaction. This, in turn, can yield more positive reviews for your practice.

Delving deeper into these aspects, we find:

Invest in Staff Training

The strategic investment in staff training can substantially uplift your dental practice’s reputation for delivering quality care. By offering continuous professional development, your staff can maintain and enhance their professional skills over time. These skills include effective communication with patients, efficient handling of administrative tasks, and staying updated on the latest dental care techniques.

The quality of care your staff provides, reflected in the practice’s reputation, often sees an increase in patient satisfaction and positive reviews. This shows that your investment in staff training is paying off, as it’s driving more patients to leave positive feedback.

Implement Efficient Appointment Scheduling

Streamlined appointment scheduling plays a crucial role in upholding patient satisfaction and eliciting positive feedback. By implementing the following strategies, your practice can improve the patient experience:

  • Use online scheduling tools to provide 24/7 accessibility for patients to book appointments.
  • Implement automated appointment reminders to reduce patient wait times and prevent scheduling errors.
  • Provide online access for patients to view and access their medical records.
  • Offer options for virtual appointments to increase convenience for patients.
  • Ensure that your staff is well-trained and efficient in managing appointments and patient flow.

By implementing these strategies, you can enhance patient satisfaction and loyalty, leading to a higher likelihood of them leaving positive reviews, including positive online reviews.

Automated appointment reminders and personalized follow-up messages are other effective strategies for improving communication with patients, reducing no-show rates, and fostering an engaged patient community. The use of online scheduling tools also increases practice efficiency by providing more time for dental staff to focus on delivering quality patient care, which can translate into more positive experiences and reviews.

Focus on Patient Comfort

Patient comfort plays a paramount role in creating positive dental experiences and can significantly boost patient satisfaction. Comfortable waiting areas equipped with amenities like calming music, comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and refreshments can greatly enhance a patient’s experience and encourage them to leave a positive review. Procedures that are as pain-free as possible also contribute to patient satisfaction, resulting in more favorable reviews.

Moreover, a dental office that focuses on reducing dental patients’ anxiety by creating a warm and welcoming environment and addressing emotional well-being can significantly improve patient comfort. This focus on the patient’s emotional well-being can increase the likelihood of receiving positive feedback.

Monitoring and Responding to Reviews

Actively monitoring and responding to reviews is integral to overseeing your dental practice’s digital reputation. By proactively addressing negative feedback, celebrating positive comments, and identifying areas for improvement, you can enhance your standing in the digital space.

Let’s dissect effective ways to manage both negative and positive reviews.

Monitoring and Responding to Reviews

Address Negative Reviews Professionally

Negative reviews can seem daunting, but they offer your dental practice an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to patient satisfaction. By acknowledging a patient’s concerns and responding promptly, your practice shows it is attentive and dedicated to patient satisfaction. It’s important to respond with compassion and calmness, avoiding defensive or confrontational language to maintain a professional image.

A professional response to a negative review includes thanking the reviewer for their feedback, apologizing for any negative experience, and offering to continue the conversation privately to find a resolution. This approach can mitigate the impact of the negative experience, build rapport, and potentially convert an unsatisfied patient into a loyal one.

Showcase Positive Reviews

Alongside addressing negative reviews, it’s equally imperative to highlight positive feedback. Displaying positive reviews on your practice’s website, social media pages, and even within your physical location can increase credibility and trust with potential patients. Highlighting positive testimonials is a way for dental practices to emphasize their dedication to providing quality care and excellent customer service.

Consider displaying positive reviews in waiting areas or exam rooms. This can reassure current patients of the high-quality care provided and enhance the practice’s image. It’s a simple yet effective way to let your patients’ voices amplify the quality of your work.

Utilizing Tools for Efficient Review Management

Businesses can efficiently manage online reviews using various tools, much like a gardener maintains a garden. Reputation management software such as serves as a robust solution for businesses to generate, monitor, and oversee their brand’s reputation. By focusing on online reputation management, it is tailored to track online reviews, amplify favorable customer feedback, and enable businesses to maintain an informed understanding of their online reputation.

When evaluating a review management tool, it’s important to consider features such as multichannel capabilities, notifications, integration with other CRM’s, the ability to collect high-quality reviews, and customizable review features.

Leveraging Technology to Improve Review Collection

Technological advancements can de-complicate and streamline the process of collecting more reviews, fostering more uniform and efficient feedback. By utilizing review management software and integrating reviews with practice management systems, you can optimize your review collection process.

Let’s explore these technological instruments.

Review Management Software

Review management software such as can substantially improve your review collection process. By automating the review request process, such software ensures a consistent approach to gathering patient reviews.

This dental reviews software also assists in directing patients to leave reviews on popular online platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp, in addition to collecting internal feedback for the practice. Advanced reporting features allow dental practices to analyze the quality of reviews and identify trends in patient feedback, which can inform improvements to patient care and services.

Utilizing technology for review management

Integrating Reviews with Practice Management Systems

The integration of review management systems and dental practice management software can uncomplicate the process of collecting reviews. Automating the sending of review requests after patient appointments ensures a consistent and efficient approach to review generation.

Automated review requests can be configured for dental practices with multiple locations, ensuring a uniform approach to patient feedback collection.


In conclusion, mastering the art of patient feedback is crucial for any dental practice aiming for success in the digital age. By understanding the impact of online reviews, implementing strategies to encourage feedback, creating a positive patient experience, effectively monitoring and responding to reviews, and leveraging technology for review collection, dental practices can enhance their online reputation, attract more patients, and ultimately provide superior dental care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ask for a review for a dental practice?

After identifying satisfied patients, you can use to directly ask them to leave a review via email or text. This makes it super easy for them to leave reviews via your custom review funnel page which provides options for reviews on your targeted review sites.

How can I increase my dental practice value?

To increase the value of your dental practice, focus on your reputation! Having a 5-star reputation profile will significantly increase your practice’s value.

Why are online reviews crucial for dental practices?

Online reviews are crucial for dental practices because they attract new patients, improve SEO ranking, and offer valuable information about the practice’s professionalism and quality of services, influencing potential patients’ decisions.

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