Review System Features

Features Review
Funnel +
Funnel +
Streaming +
Easy To Use
Custom Landing Page
Landing Page Widget
Email Widget
Automate Email Campagins
Review Button
Works w/any Site
WordPress Integration
Major Review Sites
Industry & Niche Review Sites
Customized email content, timing and sequence
Automated sending, follow-ups, removal
Clear Review Instructions
Pre-empt Negative Reviews
Invite Options (selective or anyone)
Review Incentives (coupons/offers)
Monitors Third-Party Review Sites  
New Review Email Alerts  
Stream Reviews to Website  
Display Reviews Based on Rating  
Selective Review Display  
Widget to Stream Reviews  
Display Reviews from Multiple Sites  
Wordpress plugin  
Share on FaceBook  
Share on Twitter  
View All Reviews in Dashboard  
Control Over Review Re-publishing  
Control Over Review Re-publishing  
TXT (SMS) Invites    
Customizable Message    
100/Msg/Month (Additional Msg .05 Ea)    

It’s very ffordable and easy. Click here for prices and sign up info!