What is your 100% Money Back Guarantee 30 Day Trial?

If you decide to cancel for any reason within the first 30 days of signing up and using GetMoreOnlineReviews.com, you can receive a 100% money-back refund, and you get to keep any reviews generated on 3rd party review sites. Simply use the Contact form to cancel within the first 30 days of your original signup. Limit one refund per customer.

Does it work with Google?

Yes! The review funnel links directly to your Google Business Profile review page making it easy for customers to leave a review.

Can’t I just ask customers for reviews?

This system asks for you and makes it easy for the customer to leave a review. It guides them through the review process.

Will it work on a WordPress website?

Yes a plugin is available to stream reviews and widgets are available to add review funnel or review requests.

Can I choose which reviews to display?

Yes. You can choose minimum rating to display and even toggle off specific reviews. FTC guidelines suggest you should display all reviews. As a business owner you need to make ethical decisions. There are legitimate cases where you may choose not to display a review. For example reviews from disgruntled employees, cancel culture or obvious competitors you could reasonably opt to not display.

Does it work on any website?

Yes any website you can add a widget to can be used to stream reviews or review funnel.

Do I have to manually invite customers to review?

No. You can let users give reviews from your website using our easy Review Widget or button on your website. However, to use the automated follow-ups you would need to enter customers into the system.

Can I stop bad reviews?

Our review funnel offers a chance to pre-empt a customer from leaving a bad review. Please note we do not allow “Review Gating”. Regardless of customer experience, the person receiving the review request will be able to leave a review.

What is Review Gating?

Review gating refers to the process where companies send a message to customers asking if their experience was positive or negative. Those who indicate they have had a positive experience are directed to leave an online review.

What are some examples of Review Gating?
  • Sending customers an email to ask if they had a positive or negative experience before requesting a review.
  • Texting customers and asking them to rate their experience with you, then only requesting reviews from people who rated you highly.
  • Incentivizing customers to leave positive reviews. (Think: We’ll take $5 off your next service if you leave us a 5-star review.)
Does it work with Houzz?

Yes! The review funnel links directly to your Houzz review page making it easy for customers to leave a review.

Can I limit reviews displayed to customers I select?

You can selectively invite customers to leave reviews via email and/or SMS(TXT). It is strongly recommended you request reviews from all customers. Note that most major review site guideline do not allow selective review solicitation. The FTC also created guidelines for online reviews and recommends the same process be used for all customers.

Does it work with Yelp?

Yes, however note that Yelp guideline prohibit soliciting reviews. The review funnel can link directly to your Yelp profile page making it easy for customers to leave a review. If you choose to do this, YELP may filter your reviews or impose other penalties.