Share Reviews on Facebook via Posts

Reviews are a form of social proof. It is important to share your reviews as part of your social media marketing strategy. Get More Online Reviews makes this easy with our Facebook integration and post automation.

How to Stream Reviews as Posts on Facebook

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > My Reviews > Settings Tab > Social Media.
  2. Click the + Add Facebook Account
  3. Log into Facebook Account (if not already logged in)
  4. Select Continue when logged into account
  5. Choose Business You Want to Allow Access to Post
  6. Select Profile and Click Save

Login If Needed

Facebook Login

Select Continue

Select Continue

Choose Business

Choose Business You Want to Allow Access to Post

Select Profile and Save

Select Profile and Save

Profile Connected

Profile Connected

Social Proof

Now that your Facebook account is connected to your Get More Online account, you can choose to automate your reviews to Facebook posts.

Review Stream Defaults

Auto-publish reviews if rating is:

Select from drop down options based on star ratings or don’t auto-publish

*Auto-publish new reviews:

  • Immediately
  • After 24 Hours
  • After 48 Hours
  • After 72 Hours

Review Stream Auto-Sharing

Share new reviews on social media:

  • never
  • at a random time
  • immediately

Select the time to post from the drop-down options in 30-minute increments

Limit reviews shared to from 1 - 10 or No limit.

*Setting a time delay to posts allows you to monitor reviews for inappropriate content before publishing.

How to Share Reviews on Facebook as Posts