How to Collect Testimonials for Your Website

If your business goal is to collect testimonials or direct reviews for your website or business literature, you can use our “Review First” Layout. To generate testimonials/reviews:

  • You can use campaigns
  • You can embed the “Review First” form on your website (Widgets > Digital > Landing Page Widget))
  • Or you can use both campaigns and embedded website form

“Review First” Layout

Changing the layout of the review funnel landing page to “Review First” will allow you to exclusively collect feedback directly, without first sending reviewers to a third-party site (you do not need to add in any third-party review site links to use the “Review First” layout).

Funnel Layout Options

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Setup
  2. Click the “Change” button under the Review Funnel Layout.
  3. Scroll towards the bottom, and select the “Review First” layout.
Review First Layour

The “Review First” Layout sends an email alert whenever a new review is submitted, allowing to you keep on top of what your customers are saying and to follow up with any issues or concerns. Add more recipient addresses in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Notifications. Optionally, you can customize the layout’s text in Dashboard > Funnel > Content.

Manually Adding Testimonials or Reviews

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > My Reviews > All Reviews
  2. Click the “+ Add A Review Manually” button near upper right or all reviews grid.
  3. Source: Select Direct for Direct Reviews/Testimonials. You can alternately choose a review site in order to copy a review that may not be able to be streamed automatically such as review sites that require an account login to view.
  4. Select Star Rating
  5. Copy/enter review text into “What is the content of this review?
  6. Attribution: Enter reviewer name. You can choose to use full name, first name and last name initial, or anonymous.
  7. Date: Enter date of review in order to stream chronologically.
  8. Submit Review
  9. You can edit or delete manual reviews/testimonials from the Dashboard > My Reviews > All Reviews

Adding Testimonials or Reviews in Bulk

Bulk Upload Testimonial Reviews

Bulk Upload Testimonial Reviews

Example Upload File

Example CSV Upload File

Match Fields > Continue to Upload

Match Fields and Continue to Upload

How to Collect Testimonials for Your Website