Why Reviews Should be Part of Your Online Marketing

Customers love reviews! They may be intrigued by an advertisement, attracted to a website, and impressed by photos. Yet 95% of customers will still read a company’s reviews before making a purchase.

Even with this surprising statistic, many businesses today don’t include review management in their online marketing strategy. Online reviews are the key to convincing people to buy from you. If you’re a business with few reviews, no reviews, or bad reviews, and you have no strategy to generate positive reviews, it’s time to add review management to your digital marketing plan.

What is Review Management?

Review management means having a strategy in place both to generate and manage new reviews for your company. Consider that word of mouth is one of the most valuable ways you can get new business. People trust past customers’ experiences. In our online world, reviews are the new word of mouth. But now, you get to manage and help the process.

The Right Process

Review management can take many forms, but the basics are the same. When beginning a review management strategy, you’ll want to ask the following questions.

  • How can I encourage people to review my business?
  • Where do these reviews show up?
  • How can I manage this process in a simple and timely fashion?

You want to embrace a process that is easy for both you and the customer. If the customer must go through too many steps, use a website they don’t understand, or follow a review form that isn’t user-friendly, they will close the page and not leave a review. It needs to be convenient and as easy as clicking a button or link to leave a review.

On the other hand as the business owner, if the process you choose is too time-consuming or complicated to manage, you will probably get frustrated and quit. You must find a solution that is simple and easy for both you and the customer.

Review Funnel Landing Page Desktop View

Making Reviews Easy

Your business provides quality service to customers every day. Because of this, you already have a lot of happy customers that would be delighted to give you a positive review online. Where do you go from here?

Let’s look at the Get More Online Reviews process. This is how our service keeps the review process simple for both you and the customer.

Automate the review process. Our review management software enables you to schedule automated texts and emails requesting a review.

Direct link to review site(s) of your choice. Google, Facebook, Yelp, and many other sites offer the opportunity for people to rate and leave a review for businesses. Prioritize where you want your customers to leave you a review with a direct link to that site in your automated message.

Automatic alerts when a review comes in. It’s important to manage good and bad reviews by responding to the reviewers online or sharing glowing reviews via your website and social media to get the highest exposure possible. We send you an alert whenever a review comes in so you can act quickly.

Automated reminders sent to customers. If the customer doesn’t respond to the first review request, we’ll send them a reminder in 3 and 7 days. Many times a customer will be busy when they get the first review request so it’s critical to automate follow-up requests.

Review marketing made easy. Getting people to review your business is the first step. Don’t forget about sharing that review! It’s easy to link your website and social media accounts to share great reviews with your followers or the public.

Easy to read review reporting. Do you know how your business is doing today compared to last year? Is your service consistently great, or is your quality slipping? Easily view reports that graph your progress based on reviews received.

Get More Reviews Today!

Successful marketing will drive customers to your business. But most customers will still read reviews before committing to a purchase. It’s up to you to have a steady inflow of positive reviews that are easy to find and better than your competitors.

We make that process incredibly easy. You can boost your revenue today by connecting your business with our review management software. Sign up for our free 7-day trial and get more online reviews as soon as today. No credit card is required and keep any reviews you generate. Let your good work shine through great reviews and close more business with less work.

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