Review Us Button Widget

The “Review Us” Button is a widget that links the customer to your landing page through a clickable button. This button can be embedded anywhere on your website where you have access to the code.

How To Install the ”Review Us” Button widget to your website:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Widgets > Digital > ”Review Us” Button.
  2. Copy the embed code for the ”Review Us” Button widget.
  3. Navigate to your website editor.
  4. Paste the embed code into your website editor in the appropriate area.
Review Us Button Widget on Website

How do I customize the ”Review Us” button widget?

Edit the Review Us Button Text:

To change the text of the button, edit the value of the attribute “data-content” as well as the text between the anchor tags (<a>this text</a>):

Customize Review Us Button Text

Edit the Review Us Button Color:

To change the base color of the button, add the attribute “data-color” to the code and set it to the hex value of the desired color.

Customize Review Us Button Color

Replace the Button with an Image:

To replace our button with any image, simply set the attribute “data-replace” to “false” and add an HTML image tag pointing to your image, like this:

Replace the Review Us Button with a Custom Image

How to add a Review Us
Button Widget to Your Website