How To Get More Online Reviews by Automating Review Requests Using HubSpot integrates with HubSpot to import your existing HubSpot contacts. (Don’t have a HubSpot account? It’s easy to create your account and upload your current customers.) This integration requires the following types of HubSpot accounts: marketing hub, professional, or enterprise.

1) Sign into your account. Click the “Integrations” tab on the left sidebar.

Dashboard Integrations - HubSpot

2) Select “Connect” under HubSpot.

Dashboard Integrations - HubSpot Configure

3) HubSpot authentication window will open. Once you’ve authorized to access your account, you’ll be prompted to choose the account and the audience you’d like to upload into

Dashboard Integrations - HubSpot Authentication

4) If you have an established list within HubSpot, we’ll verify that you’d like to bulk upload these contacts into our app.

5) Congratulations! You’ve connected your HubSpot to

Dashboard Integrations - HubSpot

Once your integration is complete, will continuously pull new contacts from your account and add them into the Active Tab in Review Requests.

HubSpot FAQ

How and when are new contacts added?

Any customers that are added through HubSpot will be added automatically in, but it will only create new contacts. It will not update if you change an existing contact after the initial upload For example: if Jane (email changes her email to, it would not update her email. Jane would need to be added again as a new customer.

Can I create multiple audiences?

At this time, you can only connect one list of contacts to We recommend having a designated list for your customers.

Why didn’t my contact upload?

Contacts in HubSpot need to meet the same requirements for (First Name, Phone, or Email). If one field is missing, the contact will not upload into If you have previously uploaded the contact, it will follow the same rules as Active or Completed Recipients.

Automate Review Requests
with HubSpot Integration (Rumble)

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Automate Review Requests
with HubSpot Integration