How to Automate Review Requests with Salesforce

Easily add customers to by connecting your Salesforce account. Automatically request reviews when adding new contacts, accounts or leads based on the criteria you define.

1) Sign into your account. Click the “Integrations” tab on the left sidebar.

2) Select “Connect” under Salesforce Online.

Dashboard Integrations - Salesforce

3) Salesforce authentication window will open. Choose your sync preferences (e.g., Contacts, Leads, Accounts).
Click on “Next”.

Dashboard Integrations - Salesforce Authentication

4) Next, choose a Salesforce instance (e.g., Production for live imports or Sandbox for testing), then click “Create”.

Salesforce Authentication choose a Salesforce instance such as Production for live imports or Sandbox for testing

5) A new window will open with Salesforce Sign In. Enter your Salesforce account login credentials and click “Log In”.

Dashboard Integrations - Salesforce Sign In

6) Once you’re signed in, select a field and type a field value, then click “Finish” to complete the process and import your customer contacts.

Dashboard Integrations - Salesforce record filtering

7) You will return to the Integrations page showing a blue border around Salesforce to indicate the integration is active. You can Edit the integration list or remove the integration as you wish.

Dashboard Integrations - Salesforce Active

8) Click Review Requests on left navigation menu and the Recipients on the fly-out menu. You will see your Recipients - In-Queue tab. Small list import within minutes. Large list may take a while.

Dashboard - Review Requests - Recipients - In-Queue

9) You can toggle the Auto-activate recipients daily and set the daily limits to automate the request process. You can also optionally manually toggle the Activate next to the recipient to Unsubscribe or Delete the individual recipient.

Dashboard - Review Requests - Recipients - Active

How to Automate Review Requests with Salesforce