How To Automate Review Requests with a Google Sheets Integration and CRM

To completely automate your review request process you may need to connect your account to your CRM or database using Google Sheets as a “middle man.”

  • Follow steps to Automate Review Requests with a Google Sheets Integration.
  • Add a new sheet to the ReviewManager Recipients sheet created for you by clicking the “+” button in the bottom left of the Google Sheet.
  • In your CRM or database create a report that matches the headers in the “ReviewManager” Google Sheet created. First name, Last name, Email address, phone number.
  • Integrate this report into the sheet you added to “ReviewManager Recipients.” For instance, utilize Zapier to integrate your CRM report with this Google Sheet.
  • Once your CRM’s report is integrated into the Google Sheet, copy the data from the newly created sheet into the “Recipients List” sheet. This can be done by:
    A) Creating a formula in the “Recipients List” fields that grabs the contact info from your CRM report. For instance the formula in the “Recipients List” sheet would cell A2 would be “=Sheet 1!A2” B) Then drag the highlighted cells on the Recipients List sheet so it populates all the customers from your CRM report onto the Recipients List sheet.

Congratulations! Moving forward, when a contact is added to your CRM’s report it will automatically be sent to via the Google Sheet integration.

Automate Review Requests
with CRM & Google Sheets Integration