How To Automate Review Requests with a Google Sheets Integration

Easily connect a Google Sheet to your account and automatically send Email or SMS review requests when a new customer is added to your Google Sheet.

1) Sign into your account. Click the “Integrations” tab on the left sidebar.

2) Select “Connect” under Google Sheets.

Dashboard Integrations - Google Sheets

3) Click the “New Authentication” field and enter a name. Could be something like “GMOR New Customer”. Then click “Create”.

Google Sheets New Authentication

4) A new window will appear, prompting you to sign into your Google account. You’ll see a message sheets connector wants to access your Google Account. Select the option to “See, edit, create and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets”.

Google Sheets Integrations - Allow Access

5) You’ll see Google Sheets Authentication with a green box with Google Sheets connected and your file name. Then click “Finish”.

Google Sheets connected and your file name

6) You’ll see a message that a spreadsheet was created named ReviewManager Recipients.

Google Sheets created spreadsheet named ReviewManager Recipients

7) Open your Google Drive account in a new window. You should see a new Google Sheet with the title “ReviewManager Recipients.”

ReviewManager Recipients spreadsheet

Important Note: Do not edit the Column Headers (First Name, Last Name, etc) nor the Sheet Name at the bottom (Recipient List). You can edit the document name (ReviewManager Recipients…).

8) We recommend you send a test to verify the integration is working. NOTE: Do not enter anything in the “Sent to ReviewManager?” This will be auto updated with a Y after the data is transferred.

9) Navigate back to your account. Go to Dashboard > Review Request > Recipients > Active to see your automatically uploaded customers. Please allow some time for this to complete. It is not uncommon to take an hour or longer to update.

Congratulations! Your Google Sheet is now integrated with your account. Moving forward any contacts that are added to this Google Sheet will be sent a review request from your account.

Automate Review Requests
with a Google Sheets Integration